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Phase 5: Final Draft

Above is the link to my final draft for phase 5 of my game on long distance relationships. Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

1. How I modified this draft compared to the first draft is major to me. I feel like my game has shape shifted into something completely different. The first couple of drafts I was brainstorming my ideas and then I decided to divide it into 2 sections: friendship and family and then I added a 3rd section for relationships. I then began to conduct some interviews from people I personally know. In order to get scenarios into my head. These were most helpful actually. Some of my scenarios in my game are similar to many situations that happened to me personally and people I know.

For Phase 2:

and Phase 3:

There were was a change in forming the scenarios itself and adding some visuals and finding the way I wanted to do it. Also the basic research using these links to form the reason why I chose this topic:

Weiner, A. S., & Hannum, J. W. (2012). Differences in the quantity of social support between geographically close and long-distance friendships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 30(5), 662–672.

The psychology of Long Distance Relationships. Practical Psychology. (2021, October 23). Retrieved March 28, 2022, from,the%20better%20the%20relationship%20functions.

Johnson, A. J. (2001). Examining the maintenance of friendships: Are there differences between geographically close and long‐distance friends? Communication Quarterly, 49(4), 424–435.

Girdwain, A. (2021, November 2). Your long-distance friendship relies on 4 key factors. Women’s Health. Retrieved March 28, 2022, from

Although for phase 4 that was the phase that changed my game completely. Since I got a bad grade on it I realized I needed to change a lot in it. So I followed all the comments that was left for me step by step. I changed the theme of the google slides for better color contrast, I change all the pictures I had and got pictures from Pixabay and sourced them, I added extra 5 scenarios because there was confusion for me I thought I had 10 because of the sub ones, I elaborated more and fixed up some scenarios I discussed with Doctor Maha, and I adjusted the text font and added more visuals as some of my peers had said when we got feedback from one another. Also, when I elaborated the situations and put notes it made the results more valuable and there was more of a moral of story or lesson which I enjoyed as I was reviewing the game. I made my game much more longer and descriptive as I was afraid there was too much words but after feedback it was the opposite so I fixed that too.

Phase 4:

2. What I would have done differently was to manage my time. I did not realize editing google slides would be that time consuming and stressful since there are so many details I must take note of and link it was difficult for me to think of all of this in one moment. So, definitely giving myself more space and time to focus and dividing the work and not doing it last minute. More research and brainstorming more diverse ideas. Also, maybe using google forms instead of google slides because it does the linking between things automatically. That would have been less stress and would have given me more time to focus on the content itself more. I would have conducted more interviews so my game would have had more depth in it. Maybe doing it with a pair would have made it more fun and less stressful. I would have gotten then instant feedback and two different point of views which would have been helpful and efficient. Also that would make the game more interesting as it would have had more scenarios.

3. What I learned while making this game is that people who design actual games on programs are awesome 😉 Honestly it is so much stress and so much details. I can not even image people who design actual games with visuals and coding and stuff like that. Also, that I got to learn so much from the people that I interviewed. I saw so much emotion from my family while asking them questions. I felt that brought me closer to them and made me understand the more. It was kind of like free therapy in a way. I learned that this process opened up my mind and pushed its creativity and made me thinking critically if so then so and making an option for every option. It was a challenge but I learned a lot and I felt very innovative through the process. I also, learned so much while playing other peers games in class. I felt actually so much emotion some of the games were about others personal experiences and their games were very touching. It made me realize that although people you meet and smile at everyday you might think have it easy most do not and everyone has a story to tell or something that happened so that we should always be kind and nice no matter what.

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