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Final reflection guidelines PART 2: Tools for learning.

5 tools: Blog, Slack, Hypothe.sis, smart class, google slides.


-How to write and reflect on assignments. How to post and manage a website. How to make the colors contrasting to show a pretty design. How to show certain post to public or private.

Suitable for reflecting such as the writing assignments. We were able to organize thoughts. Comment on others works.

-I learned that I like to write and express myself through writing although I like to learn through visuals.

 The skills I learned are: being able to organize my thoughts, editing, and being coherent.

-What I liked was that I was given the freedom to design my own blog and design however I want. I did not like that it was confusing and that I had to discover how to manage it on my own it was overwhelming at first although I was able to manage in the end.

– I feel what we could have used is also Tumblr to show pictures and reflect on it. What I could have used in RHET and CORE is WordPress. I think it is a creative way of writing and reflecting and many can comment on like a google doc but more creatively.


-I learned to be more organized and stay updated with the different messages being sent on all the channels.

-I thought this was extremely suitable because compared to WhatsApp or email the messages are organized through the channels. Also, we all answer to one another and help each other out. I felt like this tool was very useful when it comes to replying quickly if someone had a problem or was struggling.

-I learned that I should get used to staying updated and check the messages in order to not miss out because at times I had a lot of unread messages on multiple channels and that made me feel overwhelmed. So, I learned to always stay updated.

-The skills I learned was to communicate whenever I needed anything because at first, I thought I could do anything by myself but then I realized asking questions on Slack is okay and that everyone was actually helpful and it was beneficial to me.

-What I liked that it was devised into channels. I liked that we even had a channel for picking out songs for the class in the morning. What I did not like was when I personally used to have a lot of unread messages although the tool itself was extremely easy to use and manage.

-I think I would want to use Slack in all my other courses and I think other Doctors should be aware of it as there is privacy as we do not get their phone numbers. It is easier to manage and organized too.

-I learned how to annotate on the readings we had which was helpful as it makes the information stick in your brain and it is helpful when I want to go back and re-read through something or remember something without reading the whole text.

-I thought it was good in terms of reading through other people’s annotations and also, since it was public you get to look at different perspectives too not only my classmates. Compared to just reading through texts online or reading on word.

-I learned that I like to know people’s opinions not only read and know my own opinion. Discussing things and replying to one another on the text really does open your mind and makes you look at things differently or relate with others which is interesting.

-The skills I have developed are that I can take notes and keep them short and to the point without ranting too much. I also learned to give myself time to look at others annotations and try to comment on the ones I found relatable or the ones I wanted to discuss with.

-I liked that we could highlight, comment, and it gets saved right away. We were also able to reply and share. Although what I did not like was that all the highlighted text was in yellow, I feel it would have been more organized if each person had a color. So, we could tell the difference.

-I would definitely would have liked to use this tool in my philosophical course because we have so many readings and they are really hard because they are about Greek philosophy so this tool would be so helpful for us to discuss and the doctor to help us while we left our notes. Because when I wait until class to ask about what I did not understand I miss something. So, annotating right away would make a huge difference. Especially since I suck at staying focused in long readings so people’s notes would be useful.

Smart Class:

-I learned to discuss things with more eye contact and was more relaxed because we could move around and we are usually sitting in a circle/oval type of way. Which means we look at each other while discussing and not only to the doctor. I learned to use the board and always annotate or answer the question we get asked at the beginning of the class and discuss it in the group that has picked the same answer as me.

-I think the smart class is suitable for all classes and that it is beneficial because it was one of the classes I could contribute and focus in because it is comfortable and easy to move around in.  Also, the multiple screens could be used for so many ideas such as playing games, asking questions, and dividing the class. I think the wide space of the class makes it brighter and more fun to be in. It was less depressing that the other classes I have been to. Instead of stacked chairs behind one another.

-I learned that I become more comfortable and talk more when I feel comfy and relaxed and this smart class really helped with that. I know this might sound funny but because I fidget a lot and hate staying still the chairs were satisfying to me when I could move it around while sitting.

-The skills I got from the smart class are quite hard to determine because it was more of being comfy and feel like I was in a safe space and off course the doctor did add to that too nut just the environment. I do not think I gained any skills but overall enjoyed the experience and hope to be in other smart classes in the future courses I take.

-I liked again how comfy, convenient, adjustable, and cozy the smart class was. It created an environment which seemed perfect for open discussion. It had cool gadgets like the adjustable table the doctor had and how you can put the bag under the chair and move around freely. We were also able to connect our laptops in groups on each screen which I think took up less time instead of several groups presenting on one screen in order like we usually do in the normal classes.

-I would 100% love to take all my classes in a smart class if that were an option although it is not because I understand how probably this class is expensive to make. Although I think this class is perfect for classes with a great grade built on participation and discussion.

Google slides:

-I learned to hyperlink so much slides to one another for my game and this was very stressful although it made me learn to always make sure and look over things. I learned to use different templates, insert images, keep all the text the same font and theme, and I learned to use the color contrast checker to make my slides coherent. I learned to add citations to my images.

-I think google slides is much better compared to PowerPoint you have so many more options to play around with. Starting from the templates and themes to how easier and convenient it is to use. You can find things easier compared to PowerPoint.

-I learned that I get stressed easily when I have too many slides or too much text and stuff I need to add. Especially because I hate feeling like that everything is unorganized and all over the place. Especially because I crammed everything to the last minute it took to much time to finish the slides for my game. When I should have done it over days and devise the work.

-The skills I learned is to link slides and designing a game itself. I thought google slides was the best tool used to keep the game visual and less boring compared to google forms and that it had more options and you can play around with how you want things to look too.

-What I liked that it was easy to use and I was familiar with it and that people could play and comment on it. There isn’t anything I did not like.

-I probably use google slides in almost all my courses especially the ones like RHET and CORE where there is a lot of presenting and visuals to describe topics. It is a convenient tool for all courses.

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